AOF AJ’s Frances Currer

DOB: May 20, 2015

Frances was the last doe born to Charlotte, who was the best milker of all time on Antiquity Oaks. She peaked at more than 6.5 pounds a day and was #1 on the AGS one-day milk test at age 4. Charlotte had a bad habit of throwing lots of bucks, so Frances is the only daughter we have. Although she is not as exceptional as her mother in the milk bucket, her parasite resistance is better, so we are happy to have her in our herd.

Silveraurora TH Apple Jack +*BJobi LA Thunder +*B
Jobi Plum 3*M
AGS Antiquity Oaks CharlotteBronte 4*MAGS Buttin’Heads Too Polar Express
AGS Sugar Creeks NR Nellies Sherri 3*M