Why Buy Nigerian Dwarf Goats From Us?

nigerian-dwarf-baby-goatNigerian dwarfs are now the fastest growing breed of dairy goats in the U.S. That means you have tons of choices when it comes to buying goats. What makes us different, and why should you buy Nigerian dwarf goats from us?

What Distinguishes Antiquity Oaks From Other Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breeders?

Established Herd

We have been raising Nigerian Dwarf goats since 2002. We bought our last does in 2005 and have been keeping the best of the best to continue breeding for more than a decade. All of our does were born on this farm, which means that we know the personality, mammary system, and production history of their mothers, grandmothers, and sometimes as far back as their great great great grandmothers.

Dairy Herd

As Nigerian Dwarfs have become more popular, some people have unfortunately started breeding them as pets, which means that a lot of bad dairy genetics are being perpetuated because people just want blue eyes or lots of spots. We milk all of our goats for complete lactations, meaning that we don’t stop until they dry up or until they are three months pregnant. There is only one way to know if you have good milk goats — milk them.


We have a closed herd, don’t show or exhibit our goats, don’t buy does, and almost never buy a buck. For complete details on our herd health, click here.


In addition to having raised goats since 2002, I’m also the author of three books on homesteading and sustainable living, including Raising Goats Naturally: A Complete Guide to Milk, Meat, and More.

Visit our Goat FAQs page for answers to some of your questions.

Goat Care Classes

Because we want our goats to have the very best care after they go their new homes, we provide free classes to goat buyers. One adult and one child from each family can attend our Goats 101 (morning) and Breeding and Birthing (afternoon) classes. Click here for a description and schedule. (If you buy Nigerian dwarf goats from us, do not use the registration links on that page. The classes are also available for a fee for people who have not purchased goats from us.)

Experienced in Shipping Goats

Our goats have gone to live in states from coast to coast, so if you don’t want to drive to our farm to pick up your new goats, we are experienced in shipping them by air.

Ongoing Mentorship for Those Who Buy Nigerian Dwarf Goats From Us

I am always available to everyone who purchases goats from us, to provide information and advice whenever questions pop up about your goats. I want you to call or email me when you have questions about the goats you bought from me.