+*B Silveraurora TH Apple Jack +*S

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DOB: February 22, 2010

We brought AJ to Antiquity Oaks because we were so impressed with the milking record of his full sister (from a previous breeding of his parents) who peaked at 6# a day on test as a second freshener. During his eight years he sired dozens of goats, including three of our favorite does — Scarlet, Rosie, and Lady. Scarlet’s sister, Melanie, went to live at Sinai Thunder where she made both the ADGA and AGS Top Ten lists for production and produced 5.5# on her high test day with a total of 1170# in 305 days. He died in 2018.

+*B Silveraurora TH Apple Jack +*S Jobi LA Thunder *S Jobi Levi *S +*B Rosasharn’s TL Poco +*S
Jobi Misti 2*D 1*M
Jobi Aida 3*D Jobi Swirl +*S
Jobi Misti 2*D 1*M
Jobi Plum 3*D Jobi Jet *S Gay-Mor Berry’s Jetstream ++*S
Jobi Aida 4*D AR
Jobi Cherry 2*D Goodwood KW Roy Rogers +*S
Twin Creeks BH Homemade Vanilla *D AR


Breeding History (Retained Kids Only)
Dams Birth Date Kids
Antiquity Oaks CharlotteBronte 4*D February 11, 2011 AOF AJ’s Jane Eyre
ARMCH (CH) Twin Creeks DJ Scandal 3*D VG March 12, 2011 AOF AJ’s Scarlet O’Hara