AOF FR Blue Monarch *S *B

Monarch as a kid

DOB: March 21, 2014

Because Cicada is one of our top two or three milkers in terms of production, and because we love her outstanding parasite resistance, beautiful udder, nice teats, and excellent temperament on the milk stand, I decided to keep a buck out of her. I could not have been more surprised when this flashy black and white, blue-eyed buck popped out! Because we keep bucks based upon their dam’s production and conformation, our buck line-up is pretty boring when it comes to color, so Monarch is adding quite the splash of color to the buck pen. He is very friendly, which is why it was a challenge for me to get a good picture of him. He kept wanting me to pet him, but when Pepper the cat came into the barn, he backed off enough for me to snap a few photos. (The cat is what he’s staring at!) I also love that he inherited his dam’s great parasite resistance. As of this writing at four year of age, he has only needed a dewormer once, which was due to human failure in the pasture rotation and putting the bucks back onto a pasture too soon.

AOF FR Blue Monarch *S *B
blue eyes
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