AOF Peg’s Vera Wang 2*D 2*M

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DOB: 2-27-2010

Vera freshened as a yearling with triplets on March 8, 2011. She freshened with triplets again in 2012. Her high test day on DHI in 2012 was 4.1 pounds at 31 days fresh. We decided not to breed her for a 2013 kidding, and she milked through for 636 days, producing a grand total of 888 pounds of milk! You will see two milk records for 2012 because of that — one is the standard 305-day lactation so you can compare her to other does, and the second record shows her complete lactation.

In 2014, Vera gave birth to five healthy kids! Because her mother died from a ruptured uterus at age 9 when giving birth to her second set of quintuplets, Vera will only be bred one more time. We plan to milk her through 2015 and then breed her for a final time to kid in 2016 when she is six years old.

She is is a beautiful doe with a round, soft, well-attached udder, large orifices, and easy-to-milk teats — everything I want in a milker! I do wish, however, that she didn’t have so many kids at one time!

Milk Records
Age at Freshening Total Days in Milk Total Pounds Milked Pounds Butterfat % BF Pounds Protein % Protein Height (in.) Notes
1.00 249 366 19 5.2% 15 4.1% 2011 DHIR
1.11 305 597 35 5.9 22 3.7 19 3/8 2012 DHIR
milked through 2013
1.11 636 888 58 6.5 37 4.2 19 3/8 2012 DHIR
complete lactation
3.11 255 490 24 4.9 19 3.9 2014 DHIR
4.11 305 560 29 5.2 23 4.1 2015 DHIR
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