Antiquity Oaks Giselle *D 1*M VG

5 year old

DOB: 6-28-2006

Giselle had a single kid as an 18 month old, and she had triplets as a 3 year old in fall 2009. On her first milk test as a five year old in 2011, she produced 4.3 pounds. She has long teats and a buttery-soft udder that is a dream to milk.

In 2014, Giselle had a c-section so will not be bred again. Her lactation has started out extremely well, however, so we will be milking her as long as she can maintain a lactation.

Giselle classified as VG with 87.7 under Tim Flickinger in May 2011.

Milk Records
Age at Freshening Total Days in Milk Total Pounds Milked Pounds Butterfat % BF Pounds Protein % Protein Height (in.) Notes
4.08 28 4.3 4.2% 3.4% 19 6/8 One-day test (45.47)
#7 High Milk
4.07 315 657 40 6.1% 27 4.1% 19 6/8 2011 DHIR
6.06 284 589 33 5.6 22 3.7 19 6/8 2013 DHIR
7.07 305 510 30 5.9 21 4.1 2014 DHIR
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