Buttin’Heads Too Red Caboose *D 1*M VG AR2061

2 year old Caboose3 year old Caboose

DOB: March 27, 2004

AGS (D-26729), ADGA (D1360796)

Caboose has earned two legs of a permanent championship in AGS, and she has earned milk stars, both in one-day and 305-day tests. She is a joy to milk, although the other goats probably don’t like her that much, because she is always first in line at the milking parlor door.

Caboose freshened for the first time on March 10, 2006, as a two year old. The picture on the left is from that lactation. Her daughter, Little Miss Sure Shot, earned her ADGA junior leg. Her daughter from 2007, Annie Oakley, earned her ADGA junior leg and lived at Antiquity Oaks until July 2012 when she went to Zen Goaties with Tamara Houseman.

Caboose has a very correct udder, with a well-defined medial suspensory ligament and well-placed, long teats with large orifices. As a second freshening three year old (the picture on the right), Caboose peaked at 4.5 pounds on DHI test in 2007 at 29 days fresh, going on to earn her AR star with 531 pounds of milk in 262 days (and 31 pounds of butterfat!). Although we were not on milk test at the time, Caboose is the only doe on our farm to milk for 16 months straight without freshening a second time. In fact, she was still milking a quart a day when we dried her up because she was getting too fat. Caboose has outstanding resistance to internal parasites and has not needed a chemical dewormer since 2008.

This doe gave us quite a scare in February 2011 when she earned the ignominious distinction of being the first (and so far only) doe on our farm to need a c-section. Two of the four kids made it, and Caboose made a slow but steady recovery. She recovered well enough to be classified in May 2011 by Tim Flickinger at 87.4, a VG rating, and even milked 508 pounds on DHIR test that year.

Caboose was originally purchased by our daughter, Margaret, so her kids in 2006 to 2008 were given the Maly herd name. Starting in 2009, her kids were born into the AOF herd, because Margaret sold her to me when she left home to attend the University of Illinois.

Caboose’s kids are named following a Wild West theme.

Retained Kids: Annie Oakley 2*D 2*M E (2007), Miss Kitty (2011), Etta Place (2012)

Show Records

1 year old

Dry yearling


2 year old

1st freshener


3 year old

2nd freshener

1 x GCH junior (1st AGS leg)

1 x RGCH junior

1 x RGCH 1 x GCH (2nd AGS leg)
Milk Records
Age at Freshening Total Days in Milk Total Pounds Milked Pounds Butterfat % BF Pounds Protein % Protein Height (in.) Notes
1.11 129 240 13 5.4% 8 3.3% 20.5 DHIR
2.11 262 531 31 5.8% 17 3.2% 20.9 DHIR
3.01 56 3.2 5.3% 3.2% 20 7/8 One-day test
6.11 17 3.8 5.1% 3.4% 21 One-day test (43.55)
6.10 238 508 28 5.5% 19 3.7% DHIR 2011
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