AOF Will’s Alexandria 4*D 1*M

Alexandria's left side age 2Alexandria's udderAlexandria's right side age 2

DOB: April 9, 2010

Alexandria is an amazing little goat, and when I first started milking her and Agnes in the fall of 2011, I couldn’t decide from one day to the next which one was my favorite. If you really pushed me to choose a favorite, I’d probably say Agnes, only because she has the longest teats, but then Agnes has the longest teats in the whole herd. Alex has excellent orifices and teats, which are easily milked, and she has a buttery soft udder. Both girls produced more than enough milk and butterfat to earn their milk stars as first fresheners on DHI. Alex is also very friendly! She kidded with twins in October 2011 and with quadruplets in February 2013.

The full-body pictures are from her first lactation when she was 9 months fresh, and the udder picture is from her second lactation when she was one month fresh with 12 hours of milk in the udder.

Alex has two milk records for her first lactation. The first one is for the standard 305-day lactation, and the second one is for her complete lactation, which lasted more than 14 months! She will also have two milk records for her second lactation. Her 305-day record is below, but we are continuing to milk her into 2014.

Milk Records
Age at Freshening Total Days in Milk Total Pounds Milked Pounds Butterfat % BF Pounds Protein % Protein Height (in.) Notes
1.06 305 576 35 6.1% 24 4.2% 20″ 2011 DHIR
milked through 2012
1.06 436 755 49 6.5 33 4.4 2011 DHIR
complete lactation
2.10 305 642 39 5.9 25 3.9 2013 DHIR
milking into 2014
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