Pecan Hollow L Draco E


DOB: February 15, 2005

We added Draco to our herd because of his dam’s excellent mammaries and conformation. She is finished in all three registries, and judges have had lots of praise for her udder. She also has a one-day milk star, and Draco is polled. We retained his daughter Bonnie, who freshened in 2010 as a yearling with quads and a gorgeous udder. Draco classified as E with a score of 91.3 in 2010 with Tim Flickinger. Here is the official scorecard.

Pecan Hollow L Draco E Little Rascals Lestat Piddlin Acres Beethovan Little Rascals Mufasa
Piddlin Acres Concerto
Baby Giant Rosebud Far-n-Best Harley Davidson
Piddlin Acres Dark Victory
MCH PGCH CH Little Rascals Ballerina *D Flat Rocks Romanov Flat Rocks Gem
Little Rascals Anastasia
Piddlin Acres Flashdance VG Flat Rocks Flash +S E
MCH Piddlin Acres Doe C Doe E

MCH PGCH CH Little Rascals Ballerina *D



Breeding History (Retained Kids Only)
Dams Birth Date Kids
Antiquity Oaks Lizzie Borden *D Feb. 18, 2009 AOF Draco’s Bonnie Parker 3*D
ARMCH/CH Twin Creeks DJ Scandal 3*D VG AOF Draco’s Blagoatevich
Buttin’Heads Too Red Caboose *D VG Feb. 24, 2011 AOF Draco’s Miss Kitty
(retained/doe)AOF Draco’s Marshal Dillon