Sugar Creek Red’s Hot Rod


DOB: March 17, 2002

Sugar Creek Red’s Hot Rod, whom we affectionately called “Bucky”,

came to Antiquity Oaks as our first buck because of his mother’s great mammaries. In

addition to having advanced registry and a third-generation milk star,

she has received numerous “best udder” awards.

Bucky still has one daughter in our herd,

Shirley Jackson 4*D, as well as one

granddaughter, ARMCH Carmen *D VG, through his

son, John Adams VG.

Sugar Creek Red’s Hot Rod Piddlin Acres Red Hot Number MCH Green Gate King Midas MCH Green Gate Cinderella’s Prince E
WGF Jess
Goodwood Will ‘O the Whisp E Gay-Mor RA Kingwood +*S
Goodwood Tennessee
ARMCH Jobi Lovely 3*D AR1612 Jobi Tomkin MCH Jobi Goldsmith
Goodwood Madrigal *D AR
Jobi Good 2*D AR1494 Jobi Mingo
Goodwood Minuet *D

ARMCH Jobi Lovely 3*D AR1612




5.02-305-824-51(6.2%)-36(4.4%) #10 protein (AGS DHIR Top Ten)


Breeding History (Retained Kids Only)
Dams Birth Date Kids
Sugar Creek NR Nellies Sherri 3*D AR May 2, 2005 Antiquity Oaks Shirley Jackson 4*D (retained/doe)
1 x GCH junior